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  some kinds of sex may be more likely to make you feel like youre about to have a bowel movement (or actually have one) than others.   scheduling sex for when you have an empty bladder and empty bowel is obviously one way to reduce urine and feces during sex. You can also catheterize before sex and keep a catheter in during sex you just need to keep it out of the way. There are many different types of sex that can lead a person to feel like she needs to take a bathroom break. Some types of sex may actually make a person feel like she had an accident in the bed. However, if a person doesnt have an adequate defecation reflex, they are prone to conditions like constipation. This causes your stool to become hardened and difficult to pass. I recently was with a guy from my past who found me 15 yrs later thru facebook, we have had great sex but the last time we were togehter i had a small bowel movement during sex i didnytknow it happened he discovered when we were moving to a different position. I was so humilated and embarassed and we havent talked since. Its not abnormal to poop during sexbut dont let it happen to you. Heres how that works if you have a massive orgasm (woo!) and bear down, poop can slip out, kind of like childbirth,. Im 34 year old female and i would like to find out more about this. About two weeks ago i started to feel this strange rectal pressure. I dont know what is causing it but the sensation is very similar to one just before bowel movement. But the thing thats confusing me is that my bowel is empty and still i have this feeling. When you feel faint or like youll pass out during a bowel movement, its likely a vasovagal reflex. As long as you follow all the best practices we just covered, like lube, foreplay, and communication, anal sex is generally very safe.   when i first read your question i skipped the part where it said feel, so all i read what i like pooping during sex!

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