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Because nothing generated is the greatest good since generation cannot be the last end. But pleasure is a consequence of generation for the fact that a thing takes pleasure is due to its being established in its own nature, as stated above.   in case you care, the answer your teacher is looking for is hedonism but yet the statement is wrong. The greatest good is pleasure - at the most altruistic level. Utilitarianism in business can lead to a bottom-line mentality in which decisions are based on achieving the greatest good for the organization as it pertains to the greatest number of stakeholders, including shareholders and all others affected by the actions of the organization the outcome is the determining factor, not the intent of the. Highest form of pleasure highest (quality) pleasure what is the highest quality of a gemstone, such as diamond and ruby? The lack of impure, crack, etc. Epicureanism argued that pleasure was the chief good in life. Hence, epicurus advocated living in such a way as to derive the greatest amount of pleasure possible during ones lifetime, yet doing so moderately in order to avoid the suffering incurred by overindulgence in such pleasure. Emphasis was placed on pleasures of the mind rather than on physical pleasures. My greatest pleasure is going out on a horrible, cold, wet january morning to pick the vegetables for our sunday lunch, putting them in a muddy pile on the table, and then spending 45 minutes washing and preparing them. I like doing it because its so different to what i do in the week. Iife can be frustrating at times but nevertheless, it finds its own means to compensate us, and sensate us to the point of complete loss of memory of our recent miseries. Ive thought of these us some of the greatest pleasures one can experience b. Pleasure, in the inclusive usages important in thought about well-being, experience, and mind, includes the affective positivity of all joy, gladness, liking, and enjoyment all our feeling good or happy. It is often contrasted with the similarly inclusive pain, or suffering, of all our feeling bad.

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