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Large appliances like refrigerators require a lot of power and frequently cycle on and off, which can easily overload a power strip. These devices should be plugged directly into a wall outlet. This is the second time ive had to replace a board from lightening on a refrig. I was originally told that i couldnt use a surge protector on a refrigerator due to the pull of amps for defrosting.   in fact, a refrigerator should not be plugged in to a surge suppressor strip or any kind of power strip. It should be connected to a grounded outlet with enough current (15-20 a) for the device. Start by putting the computer on a different circuit, that is, an outlet connected to a different group on the distribution panel. Sure, as long as the surge protector has a current rating above the current draw of the frig. If you are planning on plugging in a strip surge protector into an outlet behind the frig and then placing it on the.   im curious because i moved the computer to a different room and it is near the window where i put my ac. Im afraid to put the ac in the same outlet because the ac uses a lot of power and when i have a vacuum and an ac on the same outlet it trips the circuit breaker. As long as the fridge and anything else on the power strip is within that rating, its not a problem. That said, many power strips have switches and breakers you generally dont want to turn-off your fridge. Power strips you see them used all the time in offices with printers, computers and space heaters plugged into them or, they are permanently attached to portable carts or work benches and plugged into an extension cord so we can plug other stuff into the power strip or, they are plugged into the end of extension cords being used out in shops.   if all the outlets on the first power strip are full, can i plug a second power strip into the first power strip. You need to know the electrical capacities of the power strips, the 1 youre plugging it into has to have larger capacity, but i wouldnt risk it especially if ive got my computer plugged in. The power strip will actually protect the unit in case of any power surge, assuming that it is in good working condition.   any power strip will work in a pinch to add a few extra outlets to a room, but its important to find one that wont leave your electronic devices vulnerable to harmful power surges.

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